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whitewater nursery - white bgWhitewater Plant Centre is the retail outpost of trade nursery Hortus Loci.  Whitewater has its own USP, where most good garden centres in the UK can boast a few hundred different varieties Whitewater Nursery and Plant Centre has access to well over 4000 because of the affiliation to Hortus Loci, the fastest-growing horticultural wholesale nursery in the UK.

Whitewater Plant Centre customers not only have much more choice, but will be able to get hold of the latest plant introductions much sooner than elsewhere – all at very competitive prices. There is also the opportunity to buy much larger specimens than can be found at other garden retailers.

RTPR reached out to local and national media, supported open days and put the word out that this is the go-to plant centre for those discerning gardeners keen to get the ‘Chelsea Look’.  Directors Mark and Robin have been interviewed on local radio and several features have appeared in the Fleet News and other Hampshire papers and magazines keeping local residents up to date with all that’s new at Whitewater.