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PrintIn 1992 Christian Gaze and Simon Burvill founded Gaze Burvill with the aim of creating the finest outdoor furniture, which did not have a damaging impact on the environment.  Both trained with John Makepeace’s Parnham Trust in Dorset, Christian at the School for Craftsmen in Wood, and Simon at Hooke Park College.

Consideration for the environment was and continues to be a concern, as  they are unwilling to use resources which are not regenerated at a sufficient rate to halt the erosion of the world’s rainforests.  Gaze Burvill’s first choice of material was therefore oak: strong, durable, with a transparent supply chain of timber from well managed forests close to home. Oak also has another advantage, in that it can be steam bent to create solid wooden curves which allow for the most efficient use of the wood and thus result in minimal wastage.

The Gaze Burvill Workshop team, from apprentices to experienced skilled craftsmen, draw on traditional skills, like mortice and tenon jointing and steam bending, as well as modern design technology, united by their commitment to producing the finest hand-crafted outdoor furniture in the world

They are based at a new eco-friendly workshop building at Lodge Farm, Hampshire and are open daily from 10am – 5pm and Saturday by appointment.


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