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Durrah’s love for jewellery goes back to when she was a young girl living in Kuala Lumpur. her mother had always been a jewellery connoisseur, Durrah  was entranced by the glittering stones, and proceeded to inspect each marvelous treasure one by one. Seeing her interest, her mother gave her some stones to keep.She  unwrapped three beautiful tourmalines.which many years later became part of her first ever jewellery design.

In 2006 this passion Durrah joined the jewellery industry and began  working at some of the world’s most prestigious and renowned jewellery houses including Mouawad and Tiffany & Co. She then went on to study diamond grading, jewellery design and jewellery manu. Throughout this period Durrah began designing bespoke pieces using precious and semi-precious materials, which brought her into contact with  talented craftsmen and producers both in the UK and abroad. This work and these contacts have evolved organically over time into a series of product ranges which are now available for sale and which Durrah describes as collectively classic with a touch of modern edginess





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